Covid-19 Musings

What a crazy year and a half it has been! It’s funny… I have been struggling for a long time to commit to writing on a regular basis here on my website. I always thought to myself “If I only had more time, I would definitely post on my blog at least once a week.” A global pandemic with months of quarantine determined that time wasn’t the problem. 😂 I have to start kicking my own arse and write here much more often. Especially since there have been more viewers here! (Whaddaya at b’ys!!)

There’s so much to talk about but right now, there’s one thing that stands out the most – Respect. What does respect have to do with a global pandemic? Everything! In Newfoundland, we are beginning to see an easing of restrictions. Masks are now an option and not mandatory. Most of the arrows on the store floors have disappeared, schools are returning to normal (depending on alert levels) and more people are permitted at social gatherings. Many people, including myself, are nervous about all of this. As everyone knows, children 11 and younger are unable to be vaccinated against Covid-19 just yet. This is a huge population of vulnerable people. Two of my children are unvaccinated due to their age with my youngest being high risk if he gets sick. We are not relaxing in my family. For us…masks are still worn, hand washing is routine (as always!) and social distancing is a must.

Yet there are people in this world who think that people like me are crazy. That I’m going overboard. That I’m not embracing the “new normal”. That I’m being overprotective. I see the glares in the store. I hear what people say and read what people write on social media. I’m not stunned. Well…I’m not THAT stunned at least. 😂 This pandemic is not over. A fourth wave is here and the delta variant could care less what anyone thinks. It’s out for revenge and it’s targeting those most vulnerable.

This lack of respect and judgement was rampant last year. For example, there were the regular school vs home school battles. If you sent your child to school, you were taking risks with their health. If you kept your child home, you were overprotective. Craziness! How about we stop judging other people’s decisions and just worry about ourselves for a change? I homeschooled my children last year but never once did I judge or disrespect my friends if they sent their children to regular school.

With the new recommendations, I’m not judging anyone who chooses not to wear a mask. I won’t judge anyone who has a few friends over. But please…do not judge anyone who doesn’t make the same choices as you. A global pandemic is a terrible time to judge your family and/or friends for making decisions to keep the ones they love safe.

We aren’t out of the woods yet my friends. Stay safe, don’t lick any door knobs and reach out if you need someone to talk to.