Valentine’s Shmalentines

Valentine’s Day. More recently being referred to as “Heart Day”. The day that many single folk dread. The day when people rush to their local Walmart to find a sea of red and pink cards for every possible person in their life (from “Aunt” all the way to “Young Child”). A day where cheap chocolate is sold by the barrel, stuffed animals of every kind are holding plush hearts and nar a reservation is found at most restaurants. A day when jewellery stores mark up countless pieces of jewellery for those unlucky souls burdened with high expectations by their significant others. Sounds fun, right?

Needless to say, I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. Why? The reason is simple. I don’t find Valentine’s gestures romantic when it’s on a day where it’s practically expected of you. It’s…expected. Routine. You honestly don’t have to put very much thought into things. There are commercials leading you to the perfect gift at many stores and restaurants have heart-shaped meals ready to dazzle that special someone.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do celebrate Valentine’s Day in my family. We make Valentine’s Day lots of fun for the sake of the kids.

Personally, I find romantic gestures much more meaningful when they’re spontaneous. I would much rather a nice card on a random Wednesday evening than on Valentine’s. It’s like…on Valentine’s I receive a card and think “Wow, thanks for the card that you had to buy me”. Whereas when I receive an unexpected card on a random day, I think “Holy moly! He didn’t have to do this…but he did! He went out of his way to pick up a nice card and give it to me!” You see what I mean?

So if you’re looking to REALLY impress that special someone, be random and spontaneous! Giver her flowers “just because“. Cook him his favourite meal to say “I love you”. Take time to visit the card section and pick out the perfect card or, better yet, make one! You’re never too old to fold a piece of paper in half, break out your art skills and write something sweet!

There is one good thing about Valentine’s Day though. It means that chocolate and other fine candies will be sold at half price tomorrow!


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