Don’t Put That In Your Nose! Oh, Hi There!

Whaddaya at?!  Please, come on in!  Can I get you a cup of tea?  No?  How about a shot or ten of vodka?  Yes?  There ya go!

Welcome to my bloggy!  Whoops…sorry about that.  Being the Mother of two small children has somehow conditioned me to end the majority of my vocabulary with the “eee” sound.  I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite some time now but the timing was never right.

So why now?  Well, I feel I have something nice to share.  I have been a Stay-at-Home Mom for five and a half years now and I have learned so much about parenting and life in that time.  When I first started out I felt scared, unsure and anxious.  I searched online for support (because there are times when you are unable to speak to a friend or family member) and couldn’t find much of anything.  I was looking for someone else out there who was going through the same thing I was.  I wanted validation for my emotions, I wanted someone to understand me.  Well I am hoping to be that someone for YOU!

Being a Stay-at-Home Mom is no easy task.  God bless the Moms who seem to have an easy time with this job!  For the rest of us, I know there are sleepless nights.  I know that the sight of a sink full of dishes can make you want to cry.  I know that you constantly wonder if you are making the right decisions.  I know there are times when you want to send your kids to the moon!  I know that you sometimes feel judged.  I know…and I understand.  I am here simply to share my experiences, my thoughts and to try and make you laugh once in a while!

So pull up a chair, grab your cup of tea (or wine) and let’s see where this journey takes us!

One last note – As I’ve said, this is my first time keeping a blog.  I’m new to the software and to everything in general about this!  I know the site looks rough now, but give me some time to figure things out and I’m sure it will look all fancy soon enough!


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  1. Congratulations on your very first blog or bloggy. I’m very proud of you as a mother and of course a daughter,I’m I guess a bit biased cause I am your mother. Enjoy your children while you can cause with the blink of a eye it’ll be your turn to be a grandma. Have fun on the ride. Xo.

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