Just One of Those Days…AGAIN!


Have you ever gone to Walmart just to get a break from your kids?  I sure did today!

Today was one of those days where every half hour, I had to deal with my two “angels” in some way.  First, they wouldn’t settle down in Church.  After coming home, they wouldn’t sit down to eat their lunch.  Next, they got into an argument and struck each other in some way (nothing major, but still…).  After naps, they got into a shouting match over blocks.  During supper, they were both whiney that their desserts had been taken away.  Finally, at bedtime, they thought that constantly jumping out of their beds would be funny (it SO wasn’t!).

Right about now, my kids sounds like a bunch of crazy crazies!  However this behavior is definitely not typical of them.  I could handle one of even two disruptions to the day, but an entire day of naughtiness?!  Come on you guys!

Around supper time, after yet another round of time outs and “talks”, despite the terrible weather I decided that *I* needed a time out!  I left the kids in the care of my Mother and went to Walmart to run a few errands.  Was going to Walmart necessary?  Absolutely not!  The errands could have easily been taken care of the following day.  However I needed a little bit of me time and going to the store was the perfect excuse to get out of the house for half an hour…well…I managed to stretch it out to 45 minutes!  Don’t judge me!  I have no regrets about looking at cookware that I didn’t need.

The day is over now – the kids are in bed (YES!!!), dishes are washed and the laundry is folded.  The only thing left to do is to let go of the events of today.  I used to get so stressed after days like this.  I would think to myself “Is tomorrow going to be like this?”, “Is this the start of a bad behavior trend?”.  That was the old me.  The new me is much better at letting the small stuff go.  Tomorrow is a brand new day that has not been lived yet.  There are no scripts.  If I enter tomorrow with hope and optimism, then hopefully the day will go well.  🙂


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