The Beginning of January Blues


Well, tomorrow is it. First off, it’s my birthday (yay..) and more importantly, it’s the last day for the Christmas decorations to be up. On Old Christmas Day (Jan 6th), everything will come down. Of the 365 days in each year, January 6th is my least favourite day.

I. LOVE. Christmas. With all my heart! As soon as November 12th comes along, I have the Christmas music on all of the time and start to prepare for the upcoming Holidays. By December 1st, my house is decorated inside and out!

For the odd skeet out there who think I’ve been taken over by the “commercialism of Christmas”, keep your drawers on! I keep the true meaning of Christmas very real for my family and we have many traditions which help us keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

I love everything about Christmas. Our traditions, midnight mass, the lights on people’s houses, the smiles on everyone’s faces, the excitement of Children, the decorations in my house and the magic of Santa Claus! People are a bit friendlier, families spend more time together…what’s not to love?!

That’s why I get really down when it’s all over. The world becomes a bit more plain, people forget their manners and life goes on. As the old saying goes “I wish everyday could be like Christmas”. At least…I think there’s a saying like that. Maybe a song?

I shouldn’t be too sad I suppose. If this year is anything like last year, my kids will be singing Christmas carols until June.