What’s for Dinner? No seriously…What’s for Dinner?!


Didn’t I just make supper last night?  Why do they need to eat again so soon??  Why can’t they cook for themselves yet?  I don’t know what to make!!  Oh, don’t mind me.  I’m just going through one of my “I’m sick of coming up with meal ideas” phases.  It happens every so often and it absolutely drives me bonkers!

Everyone in the family has their favorite meals which I try to make on occasion, but not too often of course.  I don’t want us getting bored of the same dishes.  I would really like to try a number of new dishes to help broaden our family menu, but it’s hard to find the time to dedicate to doing that.  My children have busy schedules and most of the activities take place around supper time.  I know, I know, I can hear some of you shouting “You just need better time management!!”  Stop yelling at me!

Now that I think about it, why do so many of us have trouble choosing what to cook for dinner?  There are endless options out there, even for the pickiest of eaters.  Why do many of us stick with the same meals over and over and over?  Why is it so hard to pick out one meal for dinner?!  Why am I typing so many questions?

Well I am going to make you a promise.  Tomorrow, the kids do not have any scheduled activities or events so I am going to make the time to research a recipe I’ve never tried before.  Afterwards, I will share the experience with you, including pictures of course.  So check back with me tomorrow!  Wish me luck!