Who Knew A Turnip Could Cause So Much Grief?!


Yeah I hear you all shouting “YES!!  This chick gets me!”  I do…I really do.

This evening I had one task – Go to the grocery store and pick up a turnip (aka rutabaga for all the mainlanders out there) for tomorrow’s stew.  Seems easy, right?  Not hard to remember at all.  I arrive at the store a mere seven minutes afterwards and think to myself “Fruit, the kids need fresh fruit for the week”.  After scouring through the produce and picking out lots of yummy fruits and vegetables, I wander through the meat section and pick up some chicken, a roast and some ground beef.  After that I grab some milk, spices, cheese and pretzels.  I was excited that there were no lineups and coast through the check out.  A few minutes (and $97) later I walk out to my car, load up the groceries and sit down in the driver’s seat.  Do you think I bought the turnip?  Mother bleepin’ NO!!!  I realize my mistake, shout “DAMNIT!!!”, and stomp back into the stupid store.  CLEARLY it’s the store’s fault and not my own.

Don’t you deny it all you Mommies and Daddies out there.  I know you’ve been in my shoes before.  How many of you have gone to Walmart for diapers, spent $50 or more on stuff you didn’t even need and you forget the diapers?  Exactly!  Don’t be afraid to put your hands up.

Why does this happen?  What the frig happens on a short trip to the store that you forget you’re supposed to get a single item.  Not just a single item, an important one at that.  Let’s face it, who heads to the store just to get one item unless it’s very important?  An ingredient to finish off a meal, diapers, wipes, pads…these are all items worth a trip to the store.  Forgetting that item is a kick in the pants and spending money on things you didn’t necessarily need just adds salt to the wound.

I will go now and enjoy my fresh fruits and veggies.  I’ll tell you one thing though – that stew better me darned good tomorrow!