Stay-at-Home Moms…Priceless


Ok all of you stay-at-home Moms (and Dads!) out there.  Here’s your opportunity!  How would you like to write your own paycheck?  Right on!  How much do you believe you should be earning?  (and no, this isn’t about some money making scheme!)

This topic – what a stay-at-home parent should be making – is surprisingly widespread over the internet.  There are many websites out there which try and analyze what we should be earning if this were a paid position.  According to “research” stay-at-home parents work an average of 94 hours per week and when you take all of the little jobs we do into account, it’s estimated that we should be earning between $92,000 to $116,000 per year.  Can you imagine that?  Can you imagine earning that much just for doing what we do?

When you think about it, we stay-at-home parents do many jobs throughout the day.  Let’s see…janitor, taxi driver, chef, maid, police officer, banker, nurse, and teacher just to name a few.  Am I the only one who thinks that we are pretty incredible?!  All of these things we do out of love for our children.  Wouldn’t it be great to be paid for all of this work?  Yeah I hear some of you out there – “It’s a labor of love”.  I know that, but we’re just talking hypothetically here!  Have some fun!  Live a little!

So where’s our money?!  I vote we go on strike until we see some of that cash…or at least some vacation time!