You Know You’ve Been Watching Too Many Cartoons When…


I totally get why children’s T.V. shows and books are they way they are.  Fun characters, catchy songs, bright colors and happiness all around.  The majority of children out there need these things to capture and hold their attention and, like I said, I totally get that.  However, have you ever been so tired of these shows/books that you start to over analyze them?  That’s what I found myself doing today.

Dora the Explorer.  My goodness, where do I start with this?!  First of all, I think she should reconsider “The Map” as a friend.  Crocodile Lake, Snaky Forest, Broken Bridges, Muddy Mudholes…does this map have a death wish for Dora?!  Why can’t he find safer ways for her to reach her destination?  One shouldn’t have to risk their life just to reach “Play Park”.  The other thing I want to know is – where is this child’s parents?  Why aren’t they teaching her to make safe decisions?  Take this scene for example:

ImageDon’t let their fake smiles fool you, these crocs would happily devour Dora and her faithful friend, Boots.  In the end, Dora waits for the turtles to line up so that she can hop across their backs to the other side.  Seriously b’ys?  Her parents are ok with this?  Why not teach her to simply walk around the obstacle?!  The same can be said for so many scenes both in the T.V. show and the books.

Let’s move on.  How many of you are familiar with the show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”?  The characters are the same, lovable friends that we all grew up with – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etcetc.  Answer me this question…why is it that all of the characters can talk except for Pluto?  Think about it!  Two talking mice, two talking ducks, talking chipmunks, a talking cow…heck Goofy is a talking dog!  Why not Pluto?  It’s just not right I tells ya!

What about the show “Bananas in Pajamas”?  My question here is why do the characters run everywhere they go?  What’s the hurry Bananas?  Is there a fire somewhere that we can’t see?  Care to explain this phenomenon Teddies?  How about you, Rat in a Hat?  No?  Well “cheese and whiskers” on that!

Am I being truly serious about any of this?  Of course not!  Again, I know that these are children’s cartoons/books.  They’re meant to be fun and exciting for kids.  It honestly just amused me when I found myself thinking these silly questions!  Hopefully, you managed to get a laugh or two out of my post.


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