My Day Starts After Tetley Tea O’Clock

ImageI don’t know about you guys, but I am the furthest thing from a “morning person” there is.  I know many people who say that mornings are their best time of the day…that it’s the time when they are most energetic.  Early bird gets the worm and all that, right?  Well not for me!

If I jump out of bed before giving myself some time to really wake up, it totally messes me up for the entire day.  I’ll end up feeling dizzy, nauseated and downright cranky.  If you toss my kids into that nasty mix, things never end well!  I consider myself to be a caring and loving Mother, but I’m sorry, this Momma doesn’t punch in for the day until I’ve had my cup of Tetley tea.  No doubt most of you are coffee people, am I right?  Can’t start your morning without a good ol’ cup of Tim’s coffee or perhaps a cappuccino? 

The picture I’ve posted today pretty much sums up what a morning conversation is like with my kids when they go crazy before I’ve had a chance to wake up.  They’ll wake up all bright eyed and eager to start the day, come into my room and blurt out “Hey Mom!  Let’s have a morning snuggle!  What are we gonna have for breakfast?  Are you going to the store today?  What’s for supper?”  To which I respond something along the lines of “You…boy…with the face…stop bugging…your…girl person…who’s related to you.”  LOL!  I know, pretty bad right?

I wish I had an eighth of my children’s energy and focus in the mornings.  Until that time comes, bring on the Tetley!


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