Too Many Toys!


Holy moly b’ys, I am up to my yin yang with toys! Of course now that Christmas is over, there are new toys which I had to find places for. After completing my task, I don’t think came to mind “You can’t can have too much of a good thing”!

There’s more to it than the kids simply having too many toys. No matter what is brought into this house, they always revert back to their favourites. What are their favorites, you ask? Marbles, McDonald’s toys, things given to them two years ago, etc. I’m honestly baffled and a bit annoyed!

This Christmas, my children worked very hard on their wish lists for Santa and were so excited about what they had asked for. At the top of my Son’s list was a Zoomer Dino and for my Daughter, a ballerina doll. They delighted in telling everyone about what they were hoping for, even complete strangers at the grocery store! On Christmas morning, I’m sure you can imagine their delight (and the screams, the running around, the jumping on couches…) when they opened their presents and found what they had been wishing for. For hours, we played with their new toys and marvelled on how cool they actually were! The next day…bam…marbles.

Please tell me how lining up marbles is more fun than a dinosaur which is able to move on its own, is able to be trained and it even farts! It’s not difficult to use at all. By the end of Christmas Day, Jack was able to handle the Dino very well. It wasn’t just their main gifts either. All Christmas presents came second to the marbles. It baffles the mind!

Space in our current house is limited and there is no more room for new toys. So, I have decided to put a boycott on toys until further notice. There are SO many other things that can be given rather than toys.

When spring arrives, I’m going to have to go through their toys and donate or sell the things which aren’t used anymore. It’s really a shame since half of their toys are almost brand new…meaning they haven’t been played with much. Besides their favourite toys, my kids are really into art/drawing, crafts and reading. I will have to do more to encourage that.

In the meantime, anyone got a spare bin?


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