Alternative Gift Ideas for Children


With Christmas now behind us, what better topic to write about than gift ideas for children! *dodges tomatoes and heads of lettuce* Woah there!

I waited on purpose to write about this topic. The majority of parents, particularly those with small children, prefer getting toys for their kids at Christmas. After the Holidays are over we run into Birthdays, other special occasions/events and so on. I figured now would be the best time to share a list of alternative gift ideas for kids.

Alternative Gift Ideas for Kids

1) Books – Who doesn’t love a good story? A book is a gift which can bring years of enjoyment.

2) Tickets/Passes – A trip to the movies or a night at the hockey game. Single use tickets are an adventure!

3) Memberships – Why not invest in an annual YMCA membership or a membership to the Zoo? It’s a gift that can be used year-round!

4) Subscriptions – If you subscribe your child to their favourite magazine (ie – National Geographic for Kids), it will be like Christmas once a month! Kids love getting mail!

5) Arts and Crafts Supplies – Sketch books, paint, crayons, popsicle sticks, stickers and clay. Help support your child’s creative side!

6) Restaurant Gift Card – My kids LOVE going out to eat. Why not treat your little ones to their favourite restaurant!

7) Lessons – Help to broaden your child’s mind with a set of lessons. There’s horseback riding, piano, art, swimming and more!

8) Coupons – This is perhaps my favourite gift to give and my kids love them! Best of all, to give them is totally free! Here are some ideas:

– Get out of Time Out free (minor offences)
– Choose What’s for Dinner
– Good for One Fancy Bubble Bath (bath side fancy drink and snack included)
– Good for One Movie Night (at home, any night)
– Mom/Dad will do one of your chores
– Pick the activity for any Saturday afternoon
– Good for one batch of your favourite cookies

There you have it! Toys are nice, but sometimes it’s best to give something a little different.


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