Happy Mother’s Day!


Well I had an absolutely wonderful day today!  I’ll bet you’re wondering what I did.  Lunch at a fancy restaurant?  Our for a shopping spree? Afternoon at the spa?  Not even close.  I did absolutely nothing!  What’s that?  You’re shocked?  Don’t be!  This Mother’s Day couldn’t have been more perfect.  You see, my little family is quite busy throughout the week.  There’s school for my Son, swimming lessons, Beavers, band, play dates, chores around the house, errands to run and grocery shopping.  It’s only after my children go to bed for the night that I get a chance to sit down and relax.  Today I got to do exactly what I wanted – Nothing.

My kids and I spent most of the day in our pajamas.  They delighted as we watched a few Mother’s Day cartoon specials on TV and even a couple of movies!  Watching TV all day is a definite no-no in our house so this was a real treat for them!  Beds remained unmade until about 2:30pm and after they were made, my Mom joined us on the couch for a movie.  Rather than battle half the town for a meal at a restaurant, Mom and I decided to have a nice barbecue with my favorite – BBQ hamburgers!

This was also the first Mother’s Day where I got something from one of my kids that was exclusively from him.  Each year, I always get cards from my children but they are bought by my Husband and he helps them prepare and sign the cards.  This year, my Son made a card for me all on his own in Kindergarten and today he was so proud to present the card and a beautiful homemade flower to me.  My Daughter got a little upset at first, but my Son quickly noticed and added “This is from the two of us”.  That made me so proud!

I don’t need a fancy dinner, gifts or anything like that to have a good Mother’s day.  All I need is my children.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!  Whether you’re a Mom, a Step Mom, the Mom of a fur baby or even like a Mom to someone…you all deserve to have a great day.


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