The Beginning of January Blues


Well, tomorrow is it. First off, it’s my birthday (yay..) and more importantly, it’s the last day for the Christmas decorations to be up. On Old Christmas Day (Jan 6th), everything will come down. Of the 365 days in each year, January 6th is my least favourite day.

I. LOVE. Christmas. With all my heart! As soon as November 12th comes along, I have the Christmas music on all of the time and start to prepare for the upcoming Holidays. By December 1st, my house is decorated inside and out!

For the odd skeet out there who think I’ve been taken over by the “commercialism of Christmas”, keep your drawers on! I keep the true meaning of Christmas very real for my family and we have many traditions which help us keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

I love everything about Christmas. Our traditions, midnight mass, the lights on people’s houses, the smiles on everyone’s faces, the excitement of Children, the decorations in my house and the magic of Santa Claus! People are a bit friendlier, families spend more time together…what’s not to love?!

That’s why I get really down when it’s all over. The world becomes a bit more plain, people forget their manners and life goes on. As the old saying goes “I wish everyday could be like Christmas”. At least…I think there’s a saying like that. Maybe a song?

I shouldn’t be too sad I suppose. If this year is anything like last year, my kids will be singing Christmas carols until June.

New Year’s Resolutions


It’s the New Year and you know what that means – time for a new, better you! Time to get in shape, get your finances in order, go to Church more, stop swearing and organize your house. How many of you now have raised eyebrows?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the start of a new chapter, if you will. Why not bring some positive change into your life? However, making a resolution just for the sake of making one is pointless. If your heart isn’t into it, if it’s going to feel more like a chore rather than a challenge, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s another thought…why do people keep going back to the same resolutions? Fitness, finances…those are major lifestyle changes! If you’re ready to commit, then by all means go for it! If you aren’t ready for many major changes in your life all at once, perhaps a more realistic goal would be best.

I’ve made two New Year’s Resolutions this year:

1) Start putting my pictures into albums.
2) Donate one item to the food bank for each day of the year.

One benefits me and the other benefits other people. The picture thing is easy, just something I’ve been putting off. The donations thing is easy too. Each week I go shopping I will pick up 7 items which are on sale (always a dollar or less). At the end of the month, the kids and I will bring it to the food bank.

If you’re not ready for any changes, why not resolve to not make a resolution this year? Haha! Whatever the case may be, I wish you much success!

Happy New Year!!


Whaddaya at b’ys!? I hope you all had an awesome New Year’s Eve last night. My husband, Troy, and I didn’t really have any plans as such. Perhaps cook some hors d’oeuvres, watch a good movie and bring in the New Year quietly. New Year’s Eve has never been really big with us, especially since we had children. However things didn’t really turn out as we had planned…or didn’t plan rather!

Just before the kids were due to go to bed, we let them watch a TV show about Arthur (the aardvark) celebrating New Year’s Eve with his family. After it was over, Jack and Gabrielle realized that it was indeed New Year’s Eve and wanted to stay up. We didn’t stand a chance, they played the “cute card”.

We were totally unprepared! What were we going to do with a 6-year old and a 3-year old? Well, the night started off with a good game of Monopoly Junior followed by a nice drive around town to see the Christmas lights. We happened upon a fireworks display too! The kids were thrilled! Troy got really excited too and decided to purchase some fireworks of our own. After coming back home, we played Monopoly again and the did our countdown! Jack and Gabrielle were SO enthusiastic and were even more so after we set off our fireworks.

Next New Year’s Eve, I think we will plan more for the kids. Some noise makers (yes, I’m THAT crazy), more kid-friendly snacks and perhaps some of our friends too! Should make for a good time!

Happy New Year Everyone!

On Vacation!!


Whaddaya ya at readers?!

Forgive my lack of posting over the past couple of weeks. My family and I are currently on vacation in Disney World!!! It was a busy time preparing to go and super busy now that we’re here.

We will be here for one more week however, in that time, I hope to be able to sit down and write a post. After I return home, I promise to write a detailed post on traveling to Disney World with the small children. I read many similar posts on the subject before I came and thought I was prepared. After having spent four days in all four kingdoms, I have learned quite a few things that I would like to share.

For now, I wish you a magical day!

Back To School – Two Sides of the Coin (or…Locker?)


They say that this is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m referring to Back to School.  Is this true for all parents?  Is the school year a blessing or a source of stress?

I have many friends who absolutely love September.  Their children go back to school and they are left with more free time – time to work, time to relax and time to clean.  I, on the other hand, am not one of those thankful people.  There, I’ve said it!  Wow that feels good!  Yes friends, I am not a fan of sending my Son to school.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love his school, I adore his teachers and opening his book bag after school is like a mini Christmas!  However the number of things I have to stress about has gone up exponentially.  Where do I begin?  Bullies, bad influences, head lice, colds, pink eye…and the list goes on.

When my children are with me I can control where we go, who they are in contact with and monitor their hand washing skills.  During the summer months, nobody got sick.  When my Son, Jack goes to school, all of that control goes out the window.  Despite a “keep your kids home when they’re sick” rule, some parents will try and send their children to school in hopes that their symptoms are overlooked.  That short amount of time in school is enough to spread plenty of germs which will infect other children.  Although I ensure my kids practice good hygiene at home, at school there are so many distractions and Jack may forget to wash his hands on a regular basis.  Tomorrow is the beginning of the third week of school and already, my whole family has gotten sick!

Last year, when Jack was in Kindergarten, there were several instances where a boy thought it would be funny to turn off the bathroom lights while Jack was using the potty.  My poor little man became very afraid in the dark (no windows) and understandably begins to cry and scream.  The vice principal finds him quickly, calms him down and promptly deals with the prankster.  I know, at that age, the boy’s actions were not considered bullying but it was enough to create doubt and insecurity in Jack’s mind.  “Why did the boy do that?”  “Why does he keep doing that?”  “I’m afraid to go potty in school.”  “I don’t want to be his friend anymore.”  I honestly didn’t think I would have to deal with such things in Kindergarten.

All I want is for my children to grow up safe.  When they are with me, they are as safe as they’re gonna get!  When they are in school, I am not in control of what happens and that stresses me to no end.  I’m hoping it will get easier as time goes on but according to my Mother, it doesn’t!

Summer Fun…Happened So Fast (Yes I Know the Real Lyrics!)


They say that the days are long and the years are short.  I think Father Time must be on fast forward mode or something because this whole year is just flying by!

Please forgive the length of time between my posts this summer.  My Sister and her children are home for the entire summer and it has been super busy around the house.  Keeping up with five children is quite the challenge.

AUTHOR’S SIDE NOTE – At this time, my oldest Niece (age 7) is watching me type this post and would like me to mention how good she is.  Well…I would like to take the opportunity to say what a wonderful, talented, spiritual and good girl she really is.  She was the first born Grandchild in the family and she had our hearts from minute one.  Love you kiddo!  😉

Back to my blog!  We knew about this upcoming visit since way back in February and have been counting down the many long days and months since then.  When they finally arrived it was such a joyous moment.  All I could think to myself was “This is great!  Six whole weeks of fun with my Sister and the kidlets!”  Today, half of their trip is already over.  Wait…what?  Where on earth did three weeks go?!  We’ve done a ton of fun stuff in that time but, in the same breath, it feels like we’ve done nothing.  Does that even make sense? 

As much as I don’t want them to, I know these next three weeks will fly by.  All too soon, we will have to say goodbye once again and it’ll be back to phone calls and FaceTime.  Why does time work like that?  Why do special/fun times seem to just speed on by and regular days just seem to pass by at snail speed.  (No disrespect intended to the snails of the world).

AUTHOR’S SIDE NOTE #2 – My inquisitive Niece (who is still watching) noticed that I did not post her name.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve never used names until now.  I have decided to change that.  Isabella, my beautiful Niece, you are truly an inspiration and a joy in my life.  XOXO  (PS – You’re now a famous movie star!)

I realize the side notes are a bit distracting, but she is just THAT important!  Now, back at ‘er!

It’s sort of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.  If we relax and take it easy all summer, perhaps the days/weeks will go by slowly.  However when it’s all over, we’ll have done nothing!  If we make the most of our time together and complete our “Summer Fun Bucket List”, we’ll make many wonderful memories but our time together will seem so short.  You see my dilemma here?!

As I’ve said, we’ve been planning this trip since February and all of the children have been making lists with things they want to do during the summer.  We’ve combined all these items into one big list and will do our best to get everything checked off.  Yes, the summer is likely to fly by however we will be left with a lifetime of memories.


Summer “Vacation”


Whoever came up with the term summer “vacation/break” clearly did not have kids.

In the past, I could never understand why so many parents would gripe about their children being off for the summer. Since school was out, parents could now enjoy a full summer of extra time with their little ones! Now that I have a child who has just completed his very first year of school, I get it…I finally get it.

I was completely unprepared for how busy my life would get once I had a child in the school system. I really didn’t think much would change, but it did. Now that my Son was in Kindergarten, my perfect family schedule had to change to suit his new life. Not only was there school, the Fall brought activities such as swimming lessons, Beavers and more. Our family life was run by schedules that weren’t really our own!

As the school year was coming to an end, I was really looking forward to a break during the summer. Suddenly, “they” started to appear in my Son’s book bag – soccer schedules, baseball flyers, summer camp brochures, youth programs through church, etc. Are you kidding me?! My nice summer break was being bombarded by more schedules! How is the summer supposed to be a vacation when all you’re doing is bring your children to new activities?

Well I’ve decided to put the break back in summer! My little man dearly loves baseball and it’s only offered during the summer, so that’s fine. We will pass on all other programs. There’s more than enough things to enrol in during the Fall/Winter months.

I’m sure that this summer will be filled with lemonade stands, water balloon wars, camping and trips to the playground. However, we can also spend a day doing absolutely nothing and relax in the backyard. It’s our choice to make now that we’re not being ruled by schedules! Happy Summer everyone!!

They’re Five, Not 49ers! Wait…That’s Football…



Oh how I wish this sign was at our baseball field this evening!

Before I became a Mother, I figured organized sports were a wonderful idea.  They’re a great way to help teach kids about teamwork and they keep kids active too.  However after having been exposed to several sports groups in town, I find myself wondering if they’re really such a good idea.

My Son has been involved with T-Ball over the past two summers.  He absolutely loves it!  The program which was offered by the town wasn’t exactly organized sports, but more so an exposure to sports through play.  Unfortunately, the program has changed and the sports for children under the age of eight were cut out, so I enrolled him into the Baseball Association.  This evening was the very first practice and by da jumpins…it was quite overwhelming!

The parents.  Wow.  You’d think that there were professional baseball scouts watching!  I can understand Moms and Dads encouraging their kids to do their best, but to get upset because little Johnny had four turns hitting the ball while little JoJo only had three is a bit much. It’s the first day for crying out loud!

This type of behavior is not just limited to baseball. I have seen parents bring stopwatches to hockey and keep track of how long their child is on the ice. God forbid if their child was on the ice 20 seconds less than the other child. Apparently, that is good reason to insult the coaches and start World War III. I don’t want to be around such pettiness and I don’t want my child exposed to that either.

I half dread when the children play their first organized game. I can just imagine half the parents freaking out when their kids runs to third instead of first! They need to understand that this is an exposure to baseball, not the major leagues.

There should be a special viewing area for these parents – in a dugout WAY on the other side of the field!

The Tragedy in Moncton New Brunswick


First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past week or so.  My Husband was home for a visit and family life got very busy.

On June 4th, the small town of Moncton NB was turned upside down as a gunman shot and killed three RCMP officers and wounded two others.  Police have identified the suspect, but I will not be posting his name nor his picture.  In my opinion, people like this do not deserve to be recognized.  They do not deserve titles.  They do not deserve TV time.  They deserve nothing.  Currently, the search is still ongoing for this guy and I pray that police find him and ensure he serves justice for what he has done. (UPDATE : He has been arrested!!!)

My heart goes out to the victims, their families and friends.  I cannot imagine saying goodbye to my Spouse as he leaves for work…never to come home.  I pray that the families find comfort in the memories they have of their loved ones and peace in the countless prayers that surround them from all over the world at this time.

Call me naïve, call me whatever you want…but I just can’t believe something like this has happened in one of the Atlantic provinces.  This is the sort of thing that happens “somewhere else”.  I know that violent acts can happen anywhere, but you never really think they can happen near you.  I just can’t understand what pushes someone to commit such a horrific act.  We all have things which make us angry.  We all have things which make us passionate.  We all go through rough times.  Never in my life, even at the worst of times, have I ever considered murdering a bunch of people to get past anger or pain.  It takes a very sick mind to do such a thing.  I will never understand it and I never want to understand it.  You don’t make innocent people suffer all because you are going through something.

I’ve been considering homeschooling my kids ever since my Son was born.  I’m sure that some of my family and friends think I’m crazy, but I don’t mind what others think.  If you have to ask yourself why I am considering such a thing, just read the news.  I have JUST read  that today, there was another mass shooting that took place in Seattle which has left one dead and three injured.  Thankfully, the suspect has been caught.  Never in my life did I ever think that mass shootings would be a common occurrence, but apparently they are.  If something like that can happen in Moncton, I know it could easily happen here.  I would not survive if I sent my children to school and something like that happened.

Please take the time to remember the three RCMP officers who went to work and did not return home.  Hug your children close.

I know there is nothing I can do to help, but I did do this tonight…